Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twenty two has passed and hence forth the twenty third.

I feel like such a loser for not keeping up with my blog better. It's hard though... it seems like all my days run into eachother now. I am now into my 23rd week of pregnancy. And I can honestly say that I can not wait for it to be over with... I mean some parts are really cool, like feeling the baby move. That has to be one of the most amazing feelings on earth, but the mood swings, being constantly hungry, and getting stretch marks can gladly stop. Seriously... I didn't really think about the stretch mark part until I got a couple of little lines around my belly button. Boo... So now, I am consistently lathering on cocoa butter all around my belly and I smell like a giant cocoa bean. Hmm, not my favorite scent. But, if it will help, even just a little bit, I will bathe in it. Ha ha.

This week my little baby's hearing has become much better. He can actually react to outside noises instead of what's going on right infront of his belly home. So, if I'm quiet and still for awhile and then if I suddenly start moving and talking, it startles him and he starts kicking. His body is almost completely formed (bones and all) and his lungs are developing. He's even practicing taking breaths. :) Cool, yeah?

As for the 22nd week, that I mistakingly forgort to update about is basically everything that was preparing baby for the ventures of this week. I.E. his inner ear nerves were getting more developed and he has figured out how to explore his temporary home of the womb. Like, he was developing enough grip and coordination to feel around his face and gripping onto his umbilical cord. Neat, yeah?

So, I feel pretty good. I mean, I've been really trying to keep my temper under control and when I start to feel bad, I try to just remember that it's my hormones and that I need to stop being so damn paranoid about everything. Ha ha. The only down fall of this week is that my back, hips, and feet have truly started hurting if I'm up and about for too long without stopping. Like today, I had a very busy day. I first went to JC Penny where I purchased some very cute maternity wear, considering I am getting bigger than a freakin' whale and I can't wear my normal shirts without my belly poking out from the under neath... then we went and finished up my baby registery at Babies R Us, and we went to targert where I got a pregnancy yoga video and some shoes... and now, my body feels like it has been hit with a train. Ugh, ouch. But all in all, I feel like I got something done.

I really have to go and do my baby registery at wal-mart too, because my baby shower is in March. Oh! And that reminds me, if you would like to come to my baby shower, I need your mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address so my sister can get you the right information. :)

Okay, I'm going to wrap this up. :) Everyone have a great week and I'll see ya laterz!



  1. Hey love! You look great! We miss you at the buy :( come visit sometime. Have you decided on a name yet? I just started my blog spot thingy and I am enjoying your posts. Miss you dearly! ~Kasi

  2. How much trouble do you want for the bad things you have done? How many people do you wanna have to explain yourself to? These are questions you should ask yourself. Starting march things change your outnumbered...dirty..and you get offered a pass in exchange for a handful of grown men that have mistreated you. The side you take only matters to you. You have my support you wont have there's goodluck whatever you decide to do.