Wednesday, January 6, 2010

oh me, oh my.

There's a penis inside of my belly...teehee hee.

That's right, I had my gender ultra sound and it's a boy! Which, makes me a pretty happy girl. I'm having a son... that's.... crazy. ha ha.

Anyways, this past week (week 19) has been a little stressful, but not too bad. My headaches are less, but I am still randomly throwing up. (Thank you, egg sandwhich for making my morning suck) and now I'm hungry.... All the time. It's sucks.

My tummy is starting to pooch out more and more everyday, and that makes me certainly paranoid about work because I've not brought up that I was pregnant yet. It's hard... I really need the job.

Other wise, life is good and things are getting better everyday. I've been having some mood swings lately. Not to angry or anything, but more of a depressed feeling randomly. I can be happy then a couple hours later, I feel so paranoid and upset. Ugh. People.

It's not letting me paste what has happened this past week inside of the womb, but basically they're saying that legs included, the baby is about 10 inches long and that the baby has started swallowing amniotic fluid.

I saw on the ultra sound little bubbles in his belly that showed that he was swallowing the fluid, I saw his kidneys, brains, and little heart. I also saw his whatnots and his little nose. Even though in one of the pictures he looks like a money because he was stretching his neck back.

I feel him moving around all the time now. He loves when I laugh or when I'm around good company. He wakes up for awhile around 11:30 and dances, flips, or does whatever it is he's doing for about 15 minuets. It's a crazy feeling... it's getting stronger each day.

Anyways, that's about it.

Imma go and eat now. :)

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