Thursday, January 21, 2010

End of 21 weeks!

I'm about finished with my twenty-oneth week of el pregnancy... which, feels pretty good. Except, I've been a raging bitch lately. Thank you hormones....

I came out to my supervisor at work today, and I feel absolutley fantastic about it. She was so awesome and supportive and I explained why I was so scared and stressed, because I need this job and I really enjoy where I am in the company. She told me that I was a great employee and for me not to stress, because she will take care of it. That made me feel really good that my company actually cares about their employees enough to make things happen, even though I've not been there a year. I feel awesome, I feel like the world was lifted off my shoulders. I can actually feel good about having time off to spend with me new baby and prepare my self to go back to work. Thank you, God.

I don't understand why my new compute will not let me paste from the website anymore... it will copy but not paste, which pisses me off. >_< Basically it stated that my baby is about the size of a large banana, his body has began a REM cycle, which is crucial to his sleep pattern, and his skin is kinda wrinkly because he'll be growing a lot soon and he'll need extra space to fill in.

The baby moves a lot these days, although the past two days I might feel him wiggle a little here and there, but he's not been moving as much as he was last week. But as long as I get a nudge here and there, that's enough to settle my nerves.

I'm getting excited, and I really wish we had a name picked out. Jack and I kinda argued bout it... (actually, it was more of me arguing because I can't help but get frustrated so easy) but I'm sure we'll settle eventually. I want a unique name, but nothing that he'll get really made fun for... but something where he won't have 5 other little boys in his class with the same name. It's the hardest thing ever... naming a baby, that is.

Anyways, thats about all I have for this week. I'll update again very soon, I go into 22 weeks tomorrow. :D Yay!


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