Friday, October 23, 2009

What an exciting week for meeee!

WELL WELL WELL WELL... I am now in week 9. I've had a pretty exciting week, I had my doctors appointment on the 20th and got to see my little baby for the first time. She/he was so wiggly and I could see it's little heart beat flickering away at a proud 169bpm. It was really exciting and shocking... I can't wait to see it again... that'll be in another 4 weeks, though. :( Then they're going to do a first trimester screening, looking for birth defects and what not. It was an optional thing, but I'd rather know now to be prepared rather than it get sprung on me later... ya know?

Anyways, yesterday (the 23rd) I had an actual visit with my doctor and they had to do an awfully awkward papsmear, (haha, and I made Jack stay in the room to hold my hand) and had to get my blood drawn... I also had to drink this disgusting sugary drink, yuck. :/ It wasn't a bad trip, it was actually kinda fun and pretty informative. :)

Okies, here's a peak of what's happenin' with the peanut in my uterus:
"Congratulations! Your amazing growing baby has been accepted into to the fetus-club, a very exclusive and exiting new stage in their prenatal development. Basically, this means the little sweet pea has graduated from swimming embryo creature to a recognizable human being! This week in particular, the irises of their little eyes can function, but (frustratingly for them?) their eyelids remain fused shut for a while yet. Their external ears are formed and their inner ears are now filled with fluid—so your little one is already developing their sense of balance. Your baby's little swimmer legs are still relatively, although other bodily developments are going forward at a nice pace: their kidney is actually functioning now, which means they’ve started urinating (this might seem charming now but wait till you have to start buying diapers!)."

Ew... my baby is peeing in meee :( What's even grosser is that they swallow it and it's just a vicious cycle of drinkin the pee, then peein' the pee. haha.

Oh, and I'd like to thank everyone who has been following my blog. It means a lot to me when you tell me you like it. :) Thank you! You all are the best! -hugs-

Til' next week....Mamabear out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

annnnd I skipped a week.

Woops, sorry. I've been so busy this week that I completely forgot about week 7. Nothing huge happened-- cept, it was growing it's toes and a tongue and what not. And his(or her) head isn't pointy no more! Woohoo!

8 weeks today! YAHOO!! 4 more weeks and I'll be outta the scare zone (aka: first trimester) and some big stuff will really be happening. I'm excited, we've made it this far... even though the little one has been pretty quite down there... I haven't been experiencing many symptoms... mostly just fatigue and some crazy mood swings (who knows, I could just be taking advantage of being a bitch! :P) But as for nausea, the little hasn't kept me too ill. Turns out the baby HATES mexican food, and will make me vomit in a very painful, suffocating type fashion. My ta-ta's aren't that painful, which is good when you gotta lug the ones I have around... heh.

Anyways, according to baby gaga, this is whats happening in Hotel Del Womb:
"You've got one whole inch of baby inside of you! Your little embryo has finally reached the one-inch mark (30mm). And if it were possible to take a peek, you could actually see your tiny baby without a telescope! What’s more, your baby is finally starting to take on some very distinct human features. For starters, their little tail (really just the spinal cord) has disappeared completely. It’s nice to know your baby can no longer be mistaken for a sea creature! Additionally, both their toes and fingers are prominent with very little, if any, webbing. Upper and lower limbs all show recognizable joints (elbows and knees) and the lower limb bones are starting to ossify. But don’t expect your baby to resemble either parent quite yet. Right now, your baby’s head is disproportionately larger than the rest of their body--making up almost half of your little one’s height and weight!"


This calls for a celebration!! Drinks anyone?
Kidding, kidding.... But I could go for some frozen yogurt soon. I will let anyone who offers take me.

See you later, alligators!! :3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh you're so glorious.

I'm in love with you, little baby. You're just 6 weeks old, but my entire heart already belongs completely to you. You have me to love you, I will never leave you, and I will never hurt you. I love you, little baby. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I was feeling my lower tummy today and you can feel how it's getting harder under neath my skin and it's really really really awesome. I'm not getting much morning sickness, mostly the twingy cramping still from my uterus growing or whatever. It's normal until like the 6th month or so. Cool, huh?


By the way-- this is what is going on this week:

This is going to be a busy week for your amazing little embryo. Their brain is still growing remarkably fast; miniature hand plates are starting to develop and the early formations of what will be their fingers are already visible. Also, the lower limbs do not develop quite as fast, so they’re pretty much still flippers. Up until this point, your baby has been very curled up with the head and tail in close proximity, but this week their trunk and neck are beginning to grow and straighten as their tail recedes into its resting position in the back. Even though your little miracle is only 6 weeks old, they’re already capable of demonstrating reflex responses to touch!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Why couldn't human pregnancy be like cats? I could've been half way done with my pregnancy by now...