Sunday, December 27, 2009

17 and 18.

Okay, okay.... I apologize for my laziness in keeping up with my blog, but come on-- give me a break, I have been working my butt off (not literally, considering it's just getting bigger...) and the holiday has got me in a tizzy. Week 17 went by mostly smoothly, except I've been getting sick again, usually after dinner and it's pretty random. I finished up training at work and now am actually on the phones, anddd Christmas was a blast! Jack proposed to me and got an incredibly gorgeous ring. :) I am ecstatic to be engaged to the man I love, and it's a pretty exciting time for me. The baby has been moving around like nobody's business and has been making it difficult to sleep... but thankfully, Mom had got me a pregnancy pillow for me for Christmas and it is AWESOME! :)

Anyways, here is what was up with week 17....
"Don't be too shocked but... your baby is EVEN bigger than it was last week, not to mention getting cuter, and smarter every day! As you’ve come to expect, there’s no shortage of growth and development this week: your fantastic little bean stalk has added yet another half inch to their overall height-- making them nearly half a foot long! Their little limbs have reached (or are within one week of) their relative proportions, and will continue to grow evenly with the rest of the body after this week. Reactive listening has begun for your baby, even though their ears are not yet structurally complete or fully functional. Meanwhile, different parts of their astonishingly complex brain are developing to process your little one’s hearing and other senses, (you know, sight, smell, taste and touch). Mind boggling factoid of the week: if you’re having going to have a little girl, her ovaries have already produced millions of primordial egg cells, which, within a few weeks, will develop into actual eggs! Phew… just wait till she’s a teenager eh?"

and here's a little about week 18....
"We have two more ounces! Your "getting bigger-n-better by the minute baby" is already up to 7 ounces and 6 inches! This is a big week for their baby skin. There are now two distinct layers—the epidermis (or the surface skin) and dermis. Currently, their skin is covered with a greasy, waxy, cheese-like substance, known as vernix caseosa. Sure, it sounds pretty nasty, but this mixture of fatty secretions covering your little swimmer from head to toe is the best way to protect their oh-so-thin skin from bruising and abrasions as well as chapping caused by amniotic fluid exposure (and your little one is swimming in that stuff!). Still don’t like the fact your little darling is currently slathered in fatty cream like a greased pig? Well, you know the birthing process? Where you have to push something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape? That adorable little greased piglet would have a lot harder time getting through the birth canal without the vernix caseosa. Fun fact for momma’s with baby girls: it’s a uterus within a uterus! Your little girl will have developed a uterus and vagina canal by the end of this week."

Ew. Cheese like substance? Uhm... that doesn't seem too cute. ha ha.

I also had a doctors appointment during my 17th week and they set up my appointment for find out the sex of the baby. It's set for January 5th, 2010 and I can NOT wait! :D

So, I ask you... what do you think? Is it a boy or a girl? :)

Mama Bear says Bye!

Friday, December 11, 2009

On with week 16!

Hey, I would like to apologize for forgetting to post about week 15. I've started a new job and the hours keep me pretty busy. It's a great job though and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work for it. It's full time, benefits, and the hours aren't too terrible. I've been in training all this week and last week so my mind is a little fried... a lot of stuff to remember and learn. Anyways, before I talk about this week, let me give you a little update about what was going on during my 15th week.

"Your nearly four-inch long gymnast is happily mobile inside your womb and if you're really lucky, you’ll notice a point when your sneezing, coughing or laughing results in a little kick here or a poke there. Still, many women don't feel anything until the 17th week or later. Although the poking and kicking isn't very charming during sleeping hours, it’s a good sign as it means your baby is actually reacting to outside events. Yay! You’ve got yourself one active healthy baby! Their little elbows and knees are bending more freely this week and their little legs are finally growing longer than their arms and getting pumped up for prenatal Richard Simmons. Many of their major organ systems are increasing in capacity—particularly that amazing tiny heart and complex circulation system, which is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day, and will increase to a very impressive 200 quarts per day by the end of the pregnancy. As far as hair goes, we’ve got some new scalp patterns beginning to develop on the head, although actual head hair is not yet present."

Well, I guess I'm lucky because I felt my little baby move a little bit here and there during my 15th week. It's only at night time when I lay a certain way and I'm really quiet and paying attention. It's very subtle but it's almost a familiar feeling. It makes me happy to feel it. :)

Now, this week is the most common week to find out what I have inside me, although my doctor will not do my anatomy screening until I'm 18 - 20 weeks along... but that's not too long! I'm going to beg my doctor to do it right before Christmas. It'll be right before my 18th week begins, so hopefully, I can get her to cave in... teehee.

The only lame part and negative side effects I'm feeling is ligament pains in my stomach. Those hurt and make me feel sick. I've also been getting some nausea again... the other day I threw up my lunch... ew.

Okay, so here's what it says about week 16, cause I know you all are dying to know... ;)

"Their head to body ratio is finally starting to even out a bit as the rest of the body is actually growing faster than the head at this point. Yes, your little light bulb is not so top-heavy. Their adorable little limbs have lengthened, almost reaching their normal proportions which they will have at birth. Their eyes are still closed but moving and if you had an ultrasound, which many doctors recommend you have at about this time, you may even see your little one sucking on a thumb, not to mention the necessary signifiers to let you know whether you’ve got a wee lad or lassie."

Not too much but it's neat that their eyes are developing. I think that it can hear loud noises now, but I'd have to do some research on that before I say before... I heard bout the 16th week is when they start to hear and what not, but I've been talking to baby since I found out! Jack actually talked to my belly, pets it, and has kissed it... which I totally think is awesome. I'm a lucky girl.

Anyways, that bout sums it all up! :D I'm going to start taking bets soon on the sex, so place your wages soon. :P

Mamabear Out.